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Description:   A project for a highly scalable protocol and a collection of software tools for m2m (machine to machine communication) and Internet of Things. The programs here works on Windows and Linux and are based around VSCP, The Very Simple Control Protocol. Distributed architectureautomation & control - Home automationMulti platform AVR-PIC-LPC-STM-...PC configuration and monitoring software

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Linux firewall for Modbus/TCP protocol Netfilter extention to make filtering decisions based on Modbus/TCP headers, such as function code, unit id and reference number. Modbus/TCP is a widely used industrial ethernet protocol.

LiveJournal friends monitor LiveJournal friends monitor. This app was designed for those peoples, who needs to track their friends lists on http://www.livejournal.com. wxWidgets framework seems to allow execution of this app on Windows/MacOS hosts as well as on *nix with GTK.

Loebner Prize Protocol This is a project to create an encapsulation layer for the Loebner Prize Protocol. The interface passes messages by the sendMessage(String s) and getMessage() methods. sendChar(String s) sends a single-character stringsendMessage(String s) simulates typing using lists of word and bigram frequenciesgetMessage() returns a string of ...

Multimon Digital Data Protocol Decoder Multimon is a digital baseband audio protocol decoder useful for demodulating AFSK, FSK, HAPN, ZVEI, POCSAG, and DTMF signaling commonly used in amateur and commercial radio data services.

OpenAIR - the AI Routing Protocol openAIR is a free implementation of the OpenAIR (Artificial Intelligence Routing) protocol, first proposed by CMLabs and now fully supported by the Mindmakers.org network. See the full documentation and specification at www.mindmakers.org.

PANG-Protocol for Arcade Network Gaming PANG - Protocol for Arcade Network GamingProvides multiplayer arcade games with frame synchronization and packet reliability. The PANG protocol is UDP-based, written in the C language, and developed for Linux, Unix, and Solaris systems.

Protocol Emulator Protocol Emulator is a free Java-based application intended for emulation of a protocol behavior. At present Protocol Emulator allows emulation of plain text protocols only. Free java source codeFlexible script-controlled behaviorC++ style script languageEmulation of both valid and invalid situations (positive and negative tests)Logging of ...

Protocol Testing System of DSMIPv6 This is a protocol testing system of DSMIPv6. User could download this free software to test their dsmipv6 environment and shows the features of DSMIPv6.Our website is http://ant.comm.ccu.edu.tw, user could find the support on this website.

Pure And Simple Protocol Pure And Simple Protocol (PASP) framework. The Java source code shows how to passdata over the network through a testing port 12345. The message format has lines of\\\\\\\"key:value\\\\\\\" like in HTTP forms. It gets terminated by an

QShare - A file sharing tool for friends QShare allows users to privately share files only with their friends. It is forbidden to use QShare for unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material.

VOLT Schematic Editor VOLT Schematic Editor is an in-the-works project aimed to replace gschem. Features include: built-in/run-time modules, cairo image composition, custom tools, custom objects, and the ability to alter the GUI.

VSL: Virtual Steganographic Laboratory VSL is free image steganography and steganalysis software in form of graphical block diagramming tool. It allows complex using, testing and adjusting different steganographic techniques and provides simple GUI along with modular, plug-in architecture

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